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Late Autumn/Thanksgiving Aesthetic

Live like every day is Thanksgiving.


The happiness menu

Love this idea – thinking of a “menu” of things to make you happy.

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The happiness list

Can you name 10 things that would make you happy instantly?

This idea I took from the Chimp Paradox. It is a way of giving yourself options in order to raise your happiness instantly. What small things could you do at any moment to raise your level of happiness?

I chose things such as

*Being outdoors.

*Listening to some of my favourite music.

*Reading a great book.

*Counting my blessings.


Knowing what things can make you happy instantly is powerful because it allows you to be in control of your state and to choose what action you are going to take in order to feel better. We can be far more active in our level of happiness and sometimes feeling happy requires on our part.

Once you have your instant happiness list, you can also create a list of things that you could plan that would…

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You Can’t Put a Price Tag on a Good View

This is inspiration in it’s fullest… especially this, “Growth can only happen once we learn to take ourselves where we are and move forward.”

Conversations With Self


I can’t say enough how lucky I feel to be living in Alaska. Going from a place where a new Chick-Fil-A was one of the most exciting things you could see on your way to work everyday, to this thoughtfully preserved wilderness has had such an impact on my spiritual journey. I believe whole heartedly that what we surround ourselves with matters. And I don’t just mean what type of landscape you get to look at every day, although having such a tangible relationship with nature is pretty spectacular. I also hang pictures and art on my walls that bring me joy or make me think. Over my writing desk, I have hand written notes to myself tacked to the wall, quotes that inspire me are never far from view, and I make a point to have several pictures of me smiling and sharing happy moments with my children right in my direct line of sight.

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